Aircat 1000TH Twin Hammer 1/2-Inch Composite Air Impact Wrench Review

AIRCAT 1000-TH Composite Air Impact Wrench With Twin Hammer MechanismHaving the right tools in your arsenal is important when you’re working on cars. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or someone who likes to work on your own car, you know that it’s crucial to have a great air wrench. The Aircat 1000TH Twin Hammer is quickly becoming the gold standard for people who demand the best from their tools. With the ability to easily adjust from 200 to 800 pounds of torque, it’s simple to choose the proper amount of torque for every job. And since the Aircat 1000TH Twin Hammer  is built with a comfortable, ergonomically engineered handle, you can perform drive after drive without discomfort.

Quiet & Powerful

As you know, working with impact wrenches can be noisy work. The Aircat 1000TH Twin Hammer makes the noise levels a lot easier to deal with, by offering the quietest performance in its class. The Aircat 1000TH Twin Hammer  isn’t whisper quiet, but it does reduce noise levels to a much more comfortable 84 DBA. That’s a lot quieter than some of the other popular  air impact wrenches, and helps to make for easier work days. You can’t beat having maximum driving power from an impact wrench that’s powerful. And that’s exactly what you get with the Aircat 1000TH Twin Hammer .

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Aircat 1000TH Twin Hammer Features & Specs

  • The handle is ergonomically engineered to be comfortable
  • Runs extremely quiet at just 84 DBA
  • Has multiple settings – 3 forward and 1 reverse, so you can choose the perfect speed for every job
  • Get from 200 to 800 ft./lbs of working torque and 1,000 ft./lbs in reverse
  • Built with a powerful twin hammer mechanism
  • One of the most versatile impact wrenches currently available

Aircat 1000TH Twin Hammer  Customer Reviews

While doing our research for this  review, we decided to really dig in and check out the customer reviews. The best way to tell how good a tool works is by looking at what real life users of that tool have to say about it. The Aircat 1000TH Twin Hammer  was reviewed by 16 real life customers, and the average customer score is an amazing 4.8 out of 5 stars. Some of the online reviewers even called the Aircat 1000TH Twin Hammer , the best air wrench for the money.

Buy from Amazon

Many online reviewers reported being very surprised by the durable build and easy to use features of the Aircat 1000TH Twin Hammer , and said that they consider this wrench the best tool value for the money that you can get.

Since the Aircat 1000TH Twin Hammer is built to last, and has so many easy to adjust features, along with the fact that so many real customers gave it the top scores possible, we have no qualms about recommending this to anyone who wants a powerful, yet affordable impact wrench in their tool box.

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  1. That’s going to make things a lot eaesir from here on out.

  2. I got this impact due to the price, not expecting it to hold true to the 1000 foot/lb’s it’s rated at. I couldn’t have been happier with it, VERY quite- sounds sorta like a pigeon cooing ha ha, NEVER met a nut or bolt it wouldn’t remove, and it would easily snap off cross threaded lugnuts. I’m a mechanic and used this tool daily- never disappointed! you simply cannot beat it for the price. unfortunitally mine dropped 6 feet off a lift and cracked the case, leaking air badly and even at roughly 1/2 the strength, I was still able to get lugnuts off (took a few seconds longer) I replaced this with a re-built Matco 1769 because I needed an immediate replacement- while both are rated the same ft/lb’s of torque, I much prefer my aircat. the Matco is twice the price and easily twice as loud. both are great guns- but when it comes time for another tool- i’m buying another air cat.

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