Chicago Pneumatic CP734H 1/2-Inch Drive Heavy-Duty Air Impact Wrench Review

Chicago Pneumatic CP734H 1/2-Inch Drive Heavy-Duty Air Impact WrenchThe Chicago Pneumatic CP734H  is considered the standard air wrench for people who demand the best performance and the ultimate in durability. As you probably already know, Chicago is known for making some of the best, high-performance pneumatic tools on the market today. The Chicago Pneumatic CP734H  is certainly no exception to this company’s stellar reputation for making nothing but the best tools. With smooth operating performance and easy to use one hand push buttons, the Chicago Pneumatic CP734H  is the go-to tool for people who take their work seriously.

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Customized Performance

Every job has its own, unique requirements. That means when you’re using an impact wrench, you need a model that is versatile and easy to change on the fly. The Chicago Pneumatic CP734H is a tool that gives users the ultimate in customized performance.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re simply rotating the tires on the family car, or undertaking a big brake job, the Chicago Pneumatic CP734H  allows you to easily change speed an torque to make sure that every job gets the personalized attention and torque that is called for.

Chicago Pneumatic CP734H Features

  • One hand push buttons for forward and reverse make the Chicago Pneumatic CP734H  easy to operate
  • Dyna-Pact oil bath clutch keeps this wrench operating smoothly under any circumstances
  • 4 positive power settings to choose from
  • One, full-power reverse setting for loosening the toughest nuts
  • Vented handle directs air away from the work area and the operator
  • 360 degree air intake swivel prevents the air hose from getting twisted up or kinked

Chicago Pneumatic CP734H Reviews

The Chicago Pneumatic CP734H is well known for delivering high powered, consistent performance, but we wanted to dig in a bit deeper for this tool . So we decided to take a look at what real life users of this have to say about it. During our research we found a handful of customer reviews that were very helpful in getting a feel for this air wrench.

Buy From Amazon

The average customer score for this model is an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars. That kind of score reflects just how much everyday people enjoy using this air impact wrench in their day-to-day work life. Some of the reviewers called the Chicago Pneumatic CP734H, the best air impact wrench and said they couldn’t imagine working with any other  wrench to take care of their work.

If you want a tool that is less about hype and more about delivering consistent results, the Chicago Pneumatic CP734H  is the tool that you’ve been waiting for.

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