Milwaukee 9070-20 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Review

Milwaukee 9070-20 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench If you’ve ever worked with an impact wrench and been really impressed with the quality of that particular tool, there’s a good chance it was a Milwaukee impact wrench. Thousands of Milwaukee impact wrenches are used in garages and shops all over the world, every day. Although not an air wrench, one of their most popular models, the Milwaukee 9070-20 , has been a best seller for years now. This model gives users the torque power and precision controls you’d expect from a quality wrench, at a price that is more affordable than many of the top selling impact wrenches. Milwaukee has always been about offering top performance at an affordable price, and with the Milwaukee 9070-20  they’ve certainly lived up to their well-earned reputation.

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The Speed You Need

An impact wrench that doesn’t cruise along effortlessly at top speeds, is not worthy your money or time. Fortunately, the Milwaukee 9070-20 is one of the fastest small impact wrenches currently available. When you rev up this  wrench to its top speed of 1800 rpm, you’ll see why there’s no nut too tight for this impact wrench to handle. Tough jobs instantly become doable, thanks to the high speed power and torque of the Milwaukee 9070-20 . And since you get all that speed in a compact, 6 pound wrench, you have true portability, power and ease of use – all in one tool.

Milwaukee 9070-20  Features & Specs

•    Delivers 300 ft./lbs of torque
•    Uses a pin-detent system that keeps sockets and adapters snugly secured
•    Powerful, efficient 7 amp motor that reaches top speeds of 1800 rpm
•    AC/DC switch for lightning-quick selection of forward or reverse
•    Light weight at just 6 pounds
•    Balanced build and a cushioned, comfortable grip
•    Comes with a limited warranty

Milwaukee 9070-20 Customer Reviews

While we were doing our research for this Milwaukee 9070-20  review, we checked out lots of customer reviews online. It’s always good to see how well a tool works in the real world before you purchase it, so we wanted to see what actual customers had to say about this model. The average score from all the reviews combined was 4.4 out of 5 stars. That is a high score for any product, so it’s apparent that people who use the Milwaukee 9070-20  really consider it a top-notch impact wrench.

Buy From Amazon and Save

If you’ve been searching for the best impact wrench to add to your tool chest, the Milwaukee 9070-20  is a model that you simply can’t afford to overlook. With the legendary Milwaukee reputation for quality, combined with the high scores that real life customers gave this impact wrench, it’s easy for us to recommend this model to anyone who needs power, performance and long lasting durability from an impact wrench.

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